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Anton Kraft


After a long time (a year and a half), way too long, we bring again a new revolution to the watch market, with a new collection and catalog. No one thought it was possible, but in the last 10 years THE ONE has established itself as a brand, where others had to leave market with a short try. How did it come to that? There is a lot to tell about the extraordinary designs, quality and many more, but we already told this.

There are only two things I'd like to emphasize after 10 years of successful work: many people know that this innovation has not gotten too far in the broad market. But, in 3000 years of time measuring history, there have only been 4 time reading systems which have prevailed: The sundial, the hourglass, the analog display and the LCD clock.With the binary display,we established the 5th type of time reading system. We are proud that for thousands of years only 5 inventions have been accepted worldwide, and one of them is our invention.

What I'm mentioning in second place, besides many other reasons, is that every year (and again I apologize again, that it has taken so long and I promise that it will never happen again) we release really new watches to the market. Usually these small pieces of art have innovations that are revolutionary and are not offered by anyone else. But it's not good enough to be "different" if the design is wrong.

So may I ask you, to take a closer look at our new Goa Wave on page 10 of our new catalog: even it's closure is unique and one of our many inventions. Not only that it looks fantastic, it is also reasonable and a whole new comfortable feeling (or experience) to wear. The reading-segments, that can display hours and minutes separatly and are only used by the Goa Wave, are two further innovations from our company to make this clock a fascinating object. But they would be meaningless if the Goa Wave wouldn't have it's trendy design. Convince yourself of this or any other watch from our collection, I'd be delighted if I could draw your interest with this (way too long) lines.

With best regards, Anton Kraft